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The Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) is a community of academic and administrative change leaders who collaborate to share ideas, innovations and best practices.

We provide members value through:

  • Relevant professional development programming and learning communities that enhance creativity and innovation (Annual conference, monthly Power 60 webinars, communities of practice, regional networking and learning opportunities, online member portal for collaboration and information sharing and more.)
  • Peer to peer mentoring and relationship building that grow leadership capacity
  • Sharing best practice, skills and tools that support institutional effectiveness
  • Access to organizational development expertise and resources from higher education leaders and consultants


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Personal Strengths UK

Personal Strengths UK helps individuals and teams to develop the awareness and skills they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships. Using our SDI 2.0 psychometric tool, we apply relationship intelligence to boost productivity by improving team performance through daily communication, collaboration, coaching conversations, and conflict management.

As part of our attendance at HELF, we are offering a complimentary SDI 2.0 – a powerful psychometric tool that gives you deeper understanding of: how you see yourself, how you work and how you relate to others. To claim your complimentary SDI 2.0, visit our stand during one of the intervals.


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Marshall E-Learning

Marshall E-Learning have created a range of new leadership and management development resources. At the conference Marshall’s will feature their new toolkit on the coaching style of performance management developed with University College London. Our blended learning resource works seamlessly with smartphones and can be tailored to suit any organisation.

Many have said that the annual appraisal is no longer viable in the modern workplace. At Marshall’s we wanted to explore how organisations can move to a coaching model for performance discussions and examine what these discussions look like in the distinctive higher education environment and beyond.


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getAbstract summarises non-fiction books, keeping our subscribers informed to make better decisions every day. Our mission is to provide people with the best in world knowledge. We deliver this in concise summaries of the latest and most relevant books. Our summaries are available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French and Portuguese. We also curate videos from TED, the WEF and BCG Perspectives.

Cranfield Business School, MIT, London Business School and University of St Gallen are just a few of the 24 global clients we have in the Higher Education Sector, helping their people stay informed of the latest world trends.


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CoachingOurselves peer-coaching is a scalable and human centred approach to developing leadership capacity and increasing organizational performance. It is easy to setup, demonstrates immediate business impact, and is a key catalyst to successful leadership and organizational development. It’s all about having real and honest human interactions!

Peer-coaching groups are small groups of 4 to 6 leaders helping one another improve their practice of management and leadership, through reflection, discussion and experiential learning, guided by CoachingOurselves modules around specific leadership/management themes tied to their reality.


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Glisser is an award-winning presentation software, integrated audience response system and event analytics platform.

Our web-based audience participation solution shares slides from presentations to personal devices instantly. Glisser’s audience response systems – live polling, digital Q&A, Twitter wall, interactive quizzes and digital note taking – enable the audience to maximise participation, remain engaged and ultimately increases their overall experience.

Data gathered from audience participation provides presenters with valuable in-depth insights, leading to a deeper understanding of participant comprehension on subject matters. Furthermore, Glisser transforms each touchpoint into an event scorecard delivering a breakdown of how each participant interacted with the content and the questions they asked. Presenters are therefore able to rank the engagement level of each participant, providing a comprehensive picture of their audience.


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We create remarkable places to work with healthy and happy people.

We know that as an employer you care about the health and happiness of your staff, but often struggle with innovation, navigation, and communication.

Born at The University of Sheffield and working within multiple sectors, Juice brings your health and wellbeing offer under one easy to navigate online roof and delivers a single recognisable identity.

We’ve won loads of awards for what we do, including the Sunday Times Top 100 Health & Wellbeing Special Award.